Safety Monitoring System

Safety Monitoring System1

Safety is of paramount importance to any PowerStation. Power generation plants pose an array of hazards risks associated with power generation can be mitigated through safe work practices. In the power generation industry, it’s especially important for employees to be trained in proper safety working procedure and culture. So safety MIS is very important to the key management.

Safety Monitoring System is web based portal to keep records of safety related activities of a power plant or any other organization dealing in hazardous environment, with proper and necessary documentation. By using this portal, entire records can be managed through a RDBMS and generate monthly or yearly reports for safety department personnel and other management. Few more features are also available in the system like Upcoming Events, Bulletin Board, Gallery, Location wise search of safety related activities, Safety Document Repository and many more to add on. With this module you can get-

Target Vs Actual Report (MTD-QTD-YTD Wise): 1. Workshop. 2. Communication Meeting. 3. Training. 4. Site Audit. 5. PPE Audit.

Few other important incident reports like- Near Miss, FAC, LWDC & Fatal etc.








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