Coal Management System

Safety Monitoring System1

In a Thermal Power Plant Fuel cost accounts for 30 to 40% of Total Generating Cost. In most of the thermal plants, all processes of fuel accounting works in isolation so integrated monitoring system is an important tool to the management team.

As market conditions change and technologies evolve, today’s markets demand a more efficient data collection process and more accurate results to support business in making accurate, smart and reliable decisions. Via Vitae Solutions helps power plant owners, operators in the power industry to make better-informed business decisions on the performance and operational readiness of their equipment. Coal Management System is an important module of EnergyTrigger developed by us. The tool integrates all processes and gives a clear visibility of the entire system. Followings are the key functionalities:

  • Rolling Plan or Demand Forecasting as per generation target
  • Contract Management with different coal companies
  • Logistics to maintain day by day colliery wise Loading Weight, Unloading Weight, Short Receipt, Missing Wagons, Unconnected Wagons, Vessels details, Transportation Charges etc.
  • Coal Sampling for testing
  • Coal Testing as per NABL guide line
  • Strong Reporting Tool & MIS
  • Smart Analytics








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